Monday, October 4, 2010


4 months after leaving California, I go back and forth between missing home and accepting that Illinois is my "home" for the next 3 years. Today is one of those missing home days.. like reeeaaallllllyyy missing home! Something tells me that listening to Phantom Planet's "California" while browsing through my favorite pictures from CA isn't helping any with my homesickness..

At my favorite place on Earth (DISNEYLAND)

View of the ocean on my wedding day

Beautiful San Diego sunrise viewed from my deck

One of the many gorgeous parks I used to take the girls I nannied (being away from CA also means I don't get to see the girls as they're growing up and that breaks my heart)

Our clothing for Fall in California.. much different than Illinois

Standard foot wear in Ca pretty much year-round

I promise I am trying to cope instead of letting nostalgia get the best of me. I can see the bright side of living in the mid-west during Fall. I actually get to see what seasons are all about! I get to see the leaves change.. then the trees go bare.. then comes the snow (but I'll worry about that when the time comes). It's about time this Cali Girl gets schooled in real seasons. It will be a pleasant change to visit a pumpkin patch in chilly weather (not 90+ degrees like in CA the past couple of years). I look forward to swaddling myself in sweaters and having my very first real winter coat. Bring it on, Illinois.. I can take it!

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