Friday, October 1, 2010

Fab Find Friday: Old Navy Hoodies

With the temperature starting to drop in Illinois, I decided to take a trip to Old Navy for some Winter gear. I didn't find any super warm jackets like I'd hoped, but I did come across some hoodies! I realize I'll need more than some flimsy hoodies to keep me toasty come Winter, but I can give you 3 good reasons as to why I HAD to have me some hoodies: 1) It was located in the sale section with a price tag of a whopping $10; 2) What can I say, I am a nut for hoodies. I would wear them every day of my life if it was an option; 3) Being a Cali girl far away from home sweet home, I was jonesing for a little piece of home & this little beaut came into my life at exactly the right time:
Since they they were $10, oh-so-comfy, and because I am crazy for hoodies.. I grabbed one in "marshmallow" and "bougainvillea" as well. I was tempted to get some in some ridiculous colors (bright orange & bright pink) that would have looked terrible on me, but I had to draw the line somewhere! Anyway, these will come in handy for the beginning of Fall & are perfect to throw on when going to or leaving the gym!

For some reason the sale price is not showing on the Old Navy webpage :/ Maybe they are no longer on sale or only on sale in stores? Old Navy always has sales, so I am sure they will be on sale again shortly if they are not still on sale.

You better believe I am rockin' my "Cali Love" hoodie with pride this very second. The only con? I've got the beginning of 2Pac's "California Love" on loop in my head..

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