Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I guess posting every day in November caused a burn out in blogging for me. I would think about writing a new post from time to time, but felt there wasn't much to talk about in December. I was missing home even more than usual due to the holidays and my birthday. I did manage to have moments of Christmas joy... even if I was 2,000 miles away from home!

I cannot get over how cute these guys are. I've been keeping them fat with peanuts!

Our Christmas Self Portrait ;)

On the outside, looking in

I made lots and lots of sugar cookies for a Christmas party

Mike and I were twinsies for Christmas dinner @ a family friend's house

My Grinch of a hubby even made a snowman that waves to people as they drive by our house!

I am used to driving in the snow now. Technically, I don't drive in the snow since I wait it out until the snow plow comes to clear it and salt the roads ;p It was snowing on the way home from Christmas dinner and our car slid 3 times! It was scary, but I am glad Mike was driving because he handled it very well and managed to keep us safe.

We're looking forward to going to Chicago to celebrate NYE. I'm not sure what the exact plans are, but it should be fun if Mike is planning it. I am also counting down the days until my trip to California (10 more days)! I've been trying to plan how I am going to be able to see everyone in 3 different cities in just 2 weeks. There will be lots of running around, but it will be worth it!


  1. oh my, have you got a fat squirrel there!

  2. I know!! I wish I looked that cute with my "Winter coat" haha ;D