Friday, November 19, 2010

Fitness Friday: Feeling the Burn... A Lot

I pushed myself a little too much this week and ended up reeeeeeeeally sore! I did really well with endurance while running, so that was a plus. Other than that, this week was kinda "blah" fitness-wise. My legs have been so tender... I wanna cry. Speaking of crying, one of my sports bras left me with some battle wounds :/ I had such high hopes for it, but the underwire was poking out after just a few wears/washes (I hand wash all my bras with some fancy detergent that's made for bras, btw). Weird!

(image via
This bra did me wrong!

I also had somewhat of a bruised ego to deal with. I was doing my thing on the treadmill and getting really into my groove when my arm got caught on my headphone wire. The wire got ripped from my phone as it fell to the ground, so the whole gym could hear that I was rocking out to ”I Like to Move it” by Reel to Real. Hey, it came up on my playlist and it was working for me... don't judge ;p It wasn't really that embarrassing since there was just one lady directly next to me. I just scooped up my phone and got back to business.

I definitely need to get a better sleep pattern down. I've been staying up WAY too late and that's when I am most likely to get the urge to snack on junk. Bad, bad, bad! Today, I got the strangest craving for this...

(image via google)
It was really random. They do have really tasty veggie burgers, though. B.K. is really my only option as a vegetarian for a fast food burger... that's probably a good thing since it prevents me from hitting up the drive thru too often!

My homework for next week: rest my poor legs, get back on track with sleep habits, and knock it off with the junk food. Here's hoping next week is better! Now please excuse me while I finish the rest of the pumpkin ice cream (in my defense: it's the weekend AND I've had that one carton of ice cream in my freezer since the beginning of October... that is what we call a "miracle" around here)!

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